Transducer Position

  • Indicator up towards the head
  • Place over a rib, identify pleural line

Protocol (Figure 1)

  • Image each of the 6 zones with a LF AND HF transducer
  • Left and then Right side
  • Label side, Zone, Transducer (i.e. R2 LF)
  • Image Zones the same way each time (Left Zone 1,2,3,4,5,6 and Right Zone 1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • If patient being proned a)Anterior and Side (L 1,2,3,4 then R 1,2,3,4) and then b)Posterior (L 5,6 then R 5,6) when patient flipped
  • Completely image ALL of each zone
  • If pathology save 3-5 second clip of area if interest
  • If no pathology still save clip

B-lines and consolidations (Figure 2)

  • Best seen with a low frequency probe
  • Focal B-lines early (Progressive to confluence, Multi-lobar distribution, and Bilateral distribution)
  • Pleural effusions are rare
  • A-lines during recovery

Pleural findings (Figure 3, Figure 4)

  • Best visualized with a high frequency probe
  • Identify the pleural line and then rotate the probe horizontally (thickened, irregular pleural line, sub pleural consolidations, and localized pleural effusion adjacent to consolidations)


  • Always save a clip of each zone
  • Curvilinear allows seeing more rib spaces
  • B lines in a variety of patterns including focal, multifocal, and confluent
  • Consolidations in a variety of patterns including multifocal small, non-translobar, and translobar with occasional mobile air bronchograms
  • Appearance of A lines during recovery phase
  • Pleural effusions are uncommon

Figures and Clips

Figure 1 - Lung Windows

Figure 2 - B-lines in COVID-19 Pneumonia

Figure 3 - Pleural Findings in COVID-19 Pneumonia (High Frequency)

Figure 4 - Pleural Findings in COVID-19 Pneumonia (Curvilinear)

Clip 1 - Conflucence of B-lines

Clip 2 - Subpleural Abscess (High Frequency)

Clip 3 - Subpleural Abscess (Curvilinear)


Lung Ultrasound for Pulmonary COVID-19

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